We would love to have you and your family join us as we learn more about our God during our weekly Sunday School meetings.  Our classes begin at 9:30 a.m. ET and we have classes for all ages.  

Below is a listing of all our classes, as well as the names of our teachers and assistants.

NURSERY (1st floor, educational unit)

  • Nursery Committee: Betty Jo Burke, director

  • Class 2 (2-3 years)


Preschool (1st floor, educational unit)

  • Class 1 (4-5 years)

    • Teachers: Debbie Byrd; Pam Manis

children's department (basement, sanctuary)

  • Class 1: Bible Learners (Grades 1 and 2)

    • Teachers: ​Kathy Whitehead; Amy Spurlock; Katherine Imel

  • Class 2: Bible Discoverers (Grades 3 and 4)

    • Teachers: ​Linda Lawson; Judy Underwood

  • Class 3: Bible Searchers (Grades 5 and 6)

    • Teachers: ​Judy Underwood; Linda Lawson

Youth (2nd Floor, Educational Unit)

  • Middle School (Grades 7 through 9)

    • Teachers: ​Randy Manis; Melanie Meade

  • Sr. High (Grades 10 through 12)

    • Teachers: ​Kelly Sanders; Betty Jo Burke


  • College Class (2nd Floor, Educational Unit)

    • Teachers: ​Lisa Farley; Sheri Holsinger

  • Overcomers (2nd Floor, Educational Unit)

    • Teachers: Earnie Duty; Phil Sanders

  • Mixed Adults (Classroom above All-Purpose Facility)

    • Teachers: ​Josh Blevins; Marshall Abdon; David Griffith

  • Senior Adult Men (1st Floor, Educational Unit)

    • Teachers: ​Phil Nyderek

  • Adult Women--Gleaners (1st Floor, Educational Unit)

    • Teachers: ​Cheri Osborne; Loretta Davis; Sharon Miller